[Mo]vement & [Yo]ga = MoYo

Karl is a yoga and movement teacher based in Sussex, UK. He has been working with bodies for over 15 years, first as a dancer and now as a yoga/movement teacher. Karl teaches in an informative and non-dogmatic way and aims  to get people to connect more deeply to their bodies so that they can move better, breathe deeper and think wiser.

Throughout all of his teachings, his vision is to help people to understand that the Cartesian separation of the mind & body is flawed. Mind and body are one and the same, and when we affect one we affect the other.  Karl loves to use yoga and movement to educate people to take what they learn into their lives outside of class.  Through this his students get to discover that how they do one thing is how they do everything.  By bringing awareness to their approach and response to their practice, and making small, progressive changes, they can feel a sense of empowerment in their lives.

// I am Movement, Movement is Me //

 // I Move Therefore I Am //