// Truth Speaking |Spine Sequence | Peak Pose: Wheel //


Truth speaking in Forrest Yoga is a concept where we learn to speak to people with honesty and truth, so that we deepen the relationships we have.  But truth speaking doesn’t just happen between two people, it can be the internal conversations we have with ourselves as well.

In your practice make sure you act and react from a place of truth.  If  you are an intensity junkie and always go past your edge, take a moment when you get to your edge and ask if this habitual patterning is serving you in a truthful way.  If you tend to hold back and run away from any sign of intensity ask yourself is this a truthful response to what sensations are arising in your body; what more can you do in each moment.  Use your breath to offer you the support and space that is needed to react from a place of truth.

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