Spirit | Twist Sequence // Peak Pose: Twisting Scissors


The 4th pillar of Forrest Yoga is Spirit.  The definition of spirit is; the non-physical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.  I believe spirit is my authentic self – the part of me that has been covered with layer upon layer of social conditioning for protection and distorted connection, labels that I use to create my identity.   My spirit is my truth, my spirit is my connection to all beings.  The voice of my spirit is my intuition, and when I hear, listen and respond to my spirit I act from a place of integrity, rather than from a place of wanting to conform to someones wishes or societal pressure.  Spirit feels like ease and sounds like truth.

Take a moment and think what spirit means for you?

Practice from a place that brightens your spirit.  Practice from a place that provides a sense of happiness and well-being, truthfulness.  Move away from habitual actions or thought processes that dim your spirit, that make you feel not good enough and inadequate.

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