Integrity| Spine Sequence // Peak Pose: Wheel or Dancer w/ Strap


I believe integrity means being honest with myself even when the truth means that I might have to change something about myself or my life. Integrity means facing up to sometimes harsh truths and realities. In my yoga practice integrity means being honest with myself and others about what my limits are in that moment, but also knowing that my limits are temporary and there is possibility of change if I keep returning to face them.

In Forrest Yoga we often speak about “doing what we can”, deciding to shift the focus from what we can’t do to what we can do. This deconstructs societal pressure of perfection, and instead causes us to focus more on the process, rather then the out come.  Process over outcome. Always.

In your practice ask yourself in each pose what your limits are for today.  Ask yourself what you can do today.  With honesty decide where your practice should be at today.

1 – Listen to your body’s messages.

2 – Hear your body’s messages.

3- React and respond from a place of integrity.


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