Breathe Deep | Mixed Sequence // Peak Pose: Flash Prep


Forrest Yoga Pillar 1: Breath

In Forrest Yoga we we hold poses for five to ten breaths.  This gives us more time too connect to our breath and build discernment in breathing into the areas that need to release emotional or physical entrapment and uptake new nourishment.

In your practice bring attention to your breath and notice how your breathing may feel short, shallow, in the upper chest.  Decide to take your breath past it’s usual stopping place; when you reach a place where you think your breath is full, see if you can take in a little bit more breath.  Breathing in this way improves the quality of our breath, and we can start to find moments of reconnecting back to the present with each breath we take.

“We breathe all the time, and yet when we put our attention on something that automatic, we begin to explore that vast internal wondrousness inside us.” – Ana Forrest


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