Video Tutorial | Scissors


Step 1:
Bring your left leg forward into a lunge position.
Please left arm under leg thigh, so that the hand is behind and to the outside of the heel.

Step 2:
Tuck the right toes underneath and straighten the back leg.

Step 3:
Move the left toes forward to straighten the front leg as much as possible.

Step 4:
Bend the elbows more and shift the body weight down and forward so that the back leg lifts of the ground.


1. If you struggle with this pose because you can’t straighten the front leg, try keeping the front leg bent. Squeeze the knee into the shoulder, internally rotate the leg so that the heels lifts off the ground. Continue with the leg in this position.
2. The key to lifting the back leg up is counter balance. You must make sure that you shift the upper body down and forward. Think of bringing the shoulders closer to the ground and the weight more towards the fingers.

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