Listening To Your Body’s Stories | Spine Sequence // Peak Pose: Wheel or Camel


“Our bodies tell our stories, and they always tell the truth when we listen” – Ana Forrest.

As a culture I think we are bombarded with ideas of what our bodies should be and how they should perform. We become so busy striving towards an ideal that we constantly look to where we want to be, rather than to where we are now. This striving blinds us to the reality of what the body is actually offering to tell us.  We become unhappy because  our bodies are not where we want them to be, so we compensate by disconnecting from feeling.  We think for our bodies, rather than listening to them.

In your practice let the body speak, and let the thoughts dial down.  Notice how it feels to let the experience of the body guide you through the poses.  Change each pose so that it feels good rather than looks good.  Feeling over aesthetics.

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